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MediaSanta DVD Maker is a DVD burning tool that is capable of doing burning tasks onto any CD or DVD. Since DVD discs are capable of storing more data that CDs, this tool is an ideal program to create back up files to a DVD.

Create a copy of your videos, movie, MP3 discographies, and more with the help of MediaSanta DVD Maker. The program is packed with features to help you create DVD discs.

Features for this product include Test Write Function, Quick and Full Erase of rewritable discs, creates multi-session DVD, and prevents bad burns and CD errors.

The program supports long name file system and does not require a large amount of disk space for temporary files in order to continue with the burning process.

MediaSanta DVD Maker helps you create CDs and DVDs easily with its user-friendly interface that's simple and customizable. The program supports Windows Vista platforms or lower versions and requires at least 256MB of RAM and 16-bit SVGA resolution graphics card or higher.

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MediaSanta DVD Maker


MediaSanta DVD Maker 7

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